About Us

Resourcing Churches
We provide resources to equip evangelical Christian churches to witness and serve more wisely within this unique culture, and especially to enfold and disciple post-Mormon Christians.

Planting Churchexecutive-461653_640es
Less than 2% of Utahns attend an evangelical church, with only one such church for every 9,000 residents. We provide leadership and resources to help plant healthy churches strategically fitted to the culture of this region. This involves teaching, training, recruiting, assessing, and coaching planters, providing them with support and resources, and consulting with parent churches and associations.

Strategic Thinking and Writing
Our director, Ross Anderson, grew up as a Latter-day Saint, was trained in theology and cross-cultural missions, has served in Utah for over 30 years, and has gifts in writing and analytical thinking. Thus we provide thoughtful analysis to serve the church’s ministry – through our own writings, as well as recommended works by others.

We work in partnership with and/or co-produce the following: