Faith After Mormonism

Many former Mormons are seeking a new spiritual home in traditional, biblical Christianity. But that journey has many challenges – emotional, relational, doctrinal, and cultural. We have developed a series of resources to help with this journey.

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Here are the top conversations in the Faith After Mormonism library.

Gaining a New Identity After Mormonism
Living in Grace After Mormonism
Being a Child of God After Mormonism
Frustrations in Talking About Your New Faith After Mormonism
God: Eternal Deity or Exalted Man?
How to Deal with Your Sin After Mormonism
Eve’s Sin: What Really Happened
Mentoring Former Mormons
What Mormons Will Say as You Leave
What About Baptism After Mormonism
Jesus: Older Brother or Eternal God?
Understanding the Cross After Mormonism
How to Respond When Someone Sins
God: Body or Spirit?
The Mormon View of Atonement
Reassessing Priesthood After Mormonism
Learning to Pray After Mormonism
Why I Trust the Bible After Mormonism
Regaining Trust After Mormonism
Channel Your Zeal After Leaving Mormonism
What About Tithing After Mormonism
Condemnation vs. Conviction
Finding Community in Your New Church
You Don’t Have to Be an Atheist After Leaving Mormonism
Serving in Your New Church After Mormonism
Understanding God’s Love After Mormonism
Helping Your Children Transition Out of Mormonism