An Exciting New Resource to Help Transitioning Mormons

One of the points of emphasis of my ministry is the transition of Latter-day Saints into traditional Christianity, especially the challenges those leaving Mormonism face as they seek a new spiritual home in Christian churches. My Doctor of Ministry dissertation was an exploration of the emotional, cultural, and relational obstacles that prevent many former Latter-day Saints from becoming fully integrated into a new church. I designed and field tested a curriculum to help people navigate those challenges.

Thus I am delighted to announce that the Western Institute for Intercultural Studies is developing a multimedia resource called Transitions to assist those leaving Mormonism and entering traditional Christianity. The Transitions curriculum incorporates much of my research, along with a great deal of other helpful material. I was also asked to appear in Transitions to share some key points about the nature of the transition process.

Much of the filming has been completed for this resource, and a promotional trailer is now available. Please take a look:

This is a much-needed and long awaited resource. I encourage anyone to get involved in helping the Western Institute to complete this project through your prayers and financial support.

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