Discover Hidden Treasures Summit

Hidden-treasures-300x175On May 23, I’m sharing in a seminar at a conference on multicultural ministry in Utah. I invite you to consider attending. It promises to be an excellent event.

The panel is called “Understanding your Latter-day Saint Neighbors.” It will be moderated by David Rowe, author of I Love Mormons. Along with me, panelists include:

  • Sandra Tanner operates the Utah Lighthouse Ministry. She is known for extensive research into Mormon history and doctrine.
  • Ken Mulholland is president of the Western Institute for Intercultural Studies and was founding president of Salt Lake Theological Seminary.
  • Greg Johnson is president of Standing Together, a group focusing on biblical unity among evangelical churches and building relational dialogue with members of the LDS faith.

Here’s a description of the theme of this session:

“To the Mormon I became like a Mormon, to win the Mormons.” Would Paul have included that statement if he wrote 1 Corinthians 9 today from Utah? With Scripture-based and culture-wise insights into contemporary Latter-day Saints, this panel will explore the differences between our worldviews but also seek to “get inside their skins” and bring the light of the Gospel of grace there.

To be sure, Mormonism is not the main focus of this outstanding  conference. If you attend, here’s what you will experience:

  • Grow in genuine relationships.
  • Benefit from different exhibitors & share resources.
  • Learn from other participants.
  • Implement a ministry among other ethnic groups.
  • Pursue opportunities for multicultural churches.
  • Learn skills for women in leadership.
  • Choose from many seminars to expand your knowledge of how to minister within ethnic groups.
  • Extend your communication network and learn practical points to reach new people.
  • Help to transition to next generation leaders.
  • Make gospel connections with our LDS neighbors.
  • Do multicultural worship well.

To learn more and to register: go to

Sponsored by The Vine Institute, partnering with Ethnic America Network.