Evangelicalism for Mormons

I’ve been invited to contribute a chapter to an interesting new book for average Mormon readers that will seek to clarify evangelical Christian positions on important theological questions.  The book will not be about proving Mormon beliefs wrong but will seek to provide a positive, winsome, and persuasive explanation of what we believe – and why – on key issues.

My contribution will focus on the relationship of grace and works.  Other chapters will explore such topics as the Trinity, deification and exaltation, divine disembodiment, Scripture and revelation, the meaning of conversion, and more.  I don’t know what the book will be called, but the working title is Evangelicalism for Mormons.

What’s interesting is that the book is not being produced by an evangelical publisher, but by Greg Kofford books, a publishing firm devoted to regional and Mormon studies and the discussion of Mormon thought.  (See gregkofford.com).  Hopefully the publisher’s reputation in the LDS world will encourage people to pick up the book, and the winsome and informative tone of the articles will encourage them to actually read it.

I hope to make some significant progress on my chapter after I return from my trip to Japan.  I’m not getting paid anything for my part of the book, so if you feel moved to make a contribution toward my expenses, you can use the “Donate” button to your right.

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