Utah Advance Goals for 2016

LDS_Percentage_of_Population_2000We’ve already been very busy in 2016 – too busy to post this back at the beginning of the year. I want you to see this overview of some of the ministry activities we’re already involved in this year and others that we would like to accomplish. The needs are great in Utah and the Intermountain West – as this map demonstrates. Thanks for your prayers!


  • Recruit and mentor interns in ministry in Utah. We started laying the groundwork for an internship ministry last Fall, with our first intern arriving in February. We hope to see a steady stream of young adults training for ministry by coming to Utah.
  • Work with pursueGOD.org to create and distribute resources to help former Mormons on their transition to biblical faith. PursueGOD.org provides a simple platform for mentoring conversations that will help former Mormons in their journey. We don’t have much up yet, but you can see what we have at the Mormonism Resources Page.
  • Work with pursueGOD.org to create and distribute resources to train people to mentor former Mormons.
  • Complete a book: “A Guide to Shepherding Former Mormons.” This is serve as a companion to the online mentoring library at pursueGOD.org.
  • Organize two church planting Summits. These Summits, typically in May and October, gather church planters and church plant leaders from throughout Utah and beyond for prayer and encouragement.
  • Create training materials for leaders of the Transitions curriculum. Transitions is a ministry helping former Mormons on their journey to a new faith home.
  • Advise church planters, churches, and ministries as asked.
  • Speak at events and churches as asked.
  • Create and distribute resources to train churches in ministry among Mormons.
  • Network with local and national church planting leaders.
  • Put Utah Advance on a more solid financial footing.
  • Expand regional church planter networks for regular support, mentoring and prayer.