Utah Advance offers an internship program in partnership with local churches and other ministry agencies. The internship experience is designed to provide ministry and missions minded people with opportunities to explore and contribute to cross-cultural ministry. The internships are from 2 to 9 months long and focus on the unique religious culture of Mormonism.

With only 2% of the population attending an evangelical church, Utah is a great place for cutting-edge, faith-inspired ministry. The needs are significant, but God is on the move. Utah is an exciting place to serve the Lord!

You will learn from and be mentored by some of the most creative strategists and experienced practitioners in ministry to Mormons. You will serve alongside the most effective churches and ministries reaching out in the very heartland of Mormonism.

Utah is also a great preparation for servingĀ in overseas missions. Ministry here is distinctly cross-cultural, but learning a foreign language is not required. People who can adapt to Utah’s culture can make it anywhere in the world.

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Internship tracks include evangelism, discipleship, church equipping, church planting, polygamy, youth ministry, young adult ministry, discipleship resources, and custom options.


Application Process

Training and Mentoring