Intern Funding

Because we serve in a mission field with few Christian resources, all of our interns are self-funded. The staff at Utah Advance and partnering ministries have all been willing to raise support and/or work part-time jobs in order to answer God’s call to Utah. We don’t ask interns to do what we have not been willing to do ourselves.

Utah Advance absorbs the costs of administrative support, training, and mentoring. We also provide housing in host homes (as needed).

You can fund your internship by raising financial support, getting a part-time job, using your own savings, or any combination of sources. Interns will be trained and coached to raise financial support, as needed. Those planning to work a job will need to raise or save enough funds  to travel to and from Utah, and to provide a living for a one month period of transition.

Utah Advance Ministries is an IRS approved charitable organization, so any donations raised will be tax-deductible.