Candidates for Utah Advance internships must be at least 18 years of age and meet the qualifications listed below. (This will be determined through an application and interview process and by talking to references.)

Christian faith.

  • You have a clear testimony of a saving relationship with Jesus.
  • Your life demonstrates a trajectory of growth toward maturity.


  • You agree with the Utah Advance statement of belief.
  • You agree to be governed by the Utah Advance statement of principles.
  • You are willing to work with Christians from different denominational backgrounds and doctrinal perspectives than yours.


  • You are teachable.
    You have the humility to learn from others. You are able to set aside and evaluate pre-existing assumptions. You are willing to learn from others’ experience and knowledge. You are open to receive constructive criticism.
  • You have perseverance.
    You can hang in there during times of little apparent ministry fruit. You are patient when circumstances don’t work out like you expected. You can overcome disappointments in your relationships.
  • You embrace teamwork.
    It is your desire to bless others and put others first, ahead of yourself. You are aware of and care about the needs and perspectives of others. You listen to feedback. You can work through relational issues. You are willing to submit to authority and to the team.
  • You have a servant heart.
    You are willing to do anything asked of you, no matter how humble. More than that, you will step in and take initiative to help. You aren’t concerned about who gets credit. You are determined to be a blessing to the people you live and serve with.
  • You exercise faith.
    You think more in terms of what God can do than what cannot be done. You pray expectantly. You are willing to be stretched into unfamiliar, challenging situations and assignments, no matter how uncomfortable.

Ministry experience.

  • You have some track record of participating in ministry opportunities, whether through a local church, in the community, or on a college campus.