Intern Training and Mentoring

  • Training.
    Every intern will be equipped as fully as possible for a successful experience.
  • Advance Training
    Before arriving on the field, interns will read and listen to key resources related to Mormon beliefs and culture. They will also interact with resources related to the specialized track chosen. These studies will be followed up with mentoring conversations.
  • Ongoing Training
    On the field, continuing training about Mormon beliefs and culture is provided by Utah Advance. Specialized training for the particular ministry track is provided by partnering agencies. Training is supervised as part of a personal mentoring process.

Every intern is assigned an experienced mentor to provide ongoing training, personal reflection and guidance, and pastoral care. (This may or may not be the same person who supervises ministry.)

  • Ongoing Mentoring
    Each intern will have a weekly appointment with a mentor, in person, by phone, or by live online chat. With the mentor, the intern will process what he or she is learning, discuss personal challenges and growth areas, interact with key resources for ministry and personal development, keep track of ongoing training, and monitor the relationship with the partnering agency.
  • Pastoral Care
    Each intern will be nurtured in their own pursuit of God through the regular mentoring appointments described above, and will have open access to their mentor at any time. Each intern will also be fully involved in a local church, including in a small group.
  • Exit Counseling
    As the term draws to a close, each intern will have specific conversations with his or her mentor about the overall impact of the experience. Together they will ┬áseek to discern God’s leading for next steps. The mentor will solicit feedback from the intern about possible improvements to the overall experience.