Jesus Without Joseph Study Guide

A Guide to Following Christ After Leaving Mormonism

JWJ CoverMany people have left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to pursue historic, biblical Christianity.  This study guide is designed for individual or group use, to help former Latter-day Saints navigate through the challenging emotional and cultural issues related to leaving familiar territory behind to find a new spiritual homeland.

Jesus Without Joseph is an excellent companion to the Transitions curriculum for people exiting Mormonism but who are still interested in Jesus. Use it to dig deeper on important issues after you have completed Transitions.

Chapters include: 1. Culture Shock  2. Dealing with Loss  3. Learning to Trust  4. New Kinds of Relationships  5. New Ways to Grow Spiritually  6. New Freedom and Responsibility  7. Worship and Symbolism  8. Finances in the Church  9. Ministry in the Church  10. Leadership and Authority

You can get a Kindle version for only 3.99 at The paperback version is $7.99.