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Mormonism: Cult or Culture?

Latter-day Saints constitute a large, unreached people group. Their strong religio-cultural identity makes them resistant to the historic, biblical gospel, but growing numbers are open. Ministries are reaching Latter-day Saints by proclaiming the God’s good news in ways that take LDS culture into account. This seminar explores Mormonism as a culture and how to frame our message in light of that unique cultural identity. 58 minutes.

New Approaches in Engaging Mormonism

With Mormonism prominently in the public eye, this seminar will review the changes and the constants in Mormon faith, analyzing current trends and developments to equip you with the most recent strategies for engaging Latter-day Saints with the gospel. Part I: 57 minutes. Part II: 87 minutes.

Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor

Those of us who know Latter-day Saints respect their family commitments and moral values, although we may wonder about odd-sounding beliefs.  Who are these people?  What matters to them?  How do they view us?  How do they live out their lives?  This seminar helps us understand the values and practices of our LDS neighbors and friends, so that we can be better prepared to have meaningful faith conversations with them. Part I: 51 minutes. Part II: 75 minutes.

Responding to the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon occupies a central place in the belief and practices of Latter-day Saints.  This workshop will help you understand why Latter-day Saints revere the Book of Mormon, evaluate the claims made for the book, and develop a sensitive but confident response. 53 minutes.

The Book of Mormon in LDS Experience

The contemporary relevance of the Book of Mormon is found, not in its teachings, but in the formative role it plays in defining the identity and culture of Mormonism.  We can be more effective in our witness to Latter-day Saints by understanding the multi-faceted relationship Latter-day Saints have to the Book of Mormon. 61 minutes.

Sharing God’s Grand Story with Latter-day Saints

Evangelicals often approach Latter-day Saints in terms of theological statements, but Mormon beliefs are defined by powerful sacred stories such as the Restoration and the Plan of Happiness.  The Bible itself presents a grand narrative: the good news story of God’s saving action on our behalf.  This workshop will compare and contrast the core sacred stories of Mormonism and biblical Christianity to explore a narrative approach to sharing our faith with Latter-day Saints. 53 minutes.

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  1. Thank you! These talks are so helpful since we moved to Utah. I’ve learned so much better how to love my LDS neighbors.

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