New Approaches in Engaging Mormonism

With Mormonism prominently in the public eye, this seminar will review the changes and the constants in Mormon faith, analyzing current trends and developments to equip you with the most recent strategies for engaging Latter-day Saints with the gospel.

  • Discover why it is important to understand Mormonism as more than just a belief system.
  • Gain insight into how to share the good news of God’s grace in ways that sound like good news to Latter-day Saints.
  • Learn how to help the people leaving Mormonism to find a new faith and a new spiritual home.

Presented March 24, 2012 at River Oak Grace Community Church in Oakdale, California.

New Approaches in Engaging Mormonism, part 1  (57:15)

New Approaches in Engaging Mormonism, part 2  (1:27:21)

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