Sharing God’s Grand Story with Latter-day Saints

Mormonism is not a creedal faith. The LDS Church has never officially formalized its distinctive teachings into a doctrinal statement. Evangelicals often approach Latter-day Saints in terms of theological statements, but the faith of Mormons is defined by sacred stories. Narratives have tremendous power in Mormonism, the two most important foundational stories being the Restoration and the Plan of Happiness. In fact, the Bible is not a book of systematic doctrine but a grand narrative, presenting the good news story of God’s saving action on our behalf. This workshop will compare and contrast the essential sacred stories at the heart of Mormonism and biblical Christianity to explore the possibilities of a narrative approach to sharing our faith with Latter-day Saints.

This workshop was presented at the Compassionate Boldness Conference, in Salt Lake City, in October 2011.

Sharing God’s Grand Story with Latter-day Saints (53:36)

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