Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor

Those of us who know Latter-day Saints respect their family commitments and moral values, although we may wonder about odd-sounding beliefs.  Who are these people?  What matters to them?  How do they view us?  How do they live out their lives?  If we understand the values and practices of our LDS neighbors and friends, we can be better prepared to have meaningful faith conversations with them.

  • Understand the powerful experiences that shape the Mormon identity.
  • Explore the six core relationships that define Latter-day Saint life.
  • Learn effective principles for communicating wisely with LDS friends and neighbors.

Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor, part I  (51:51)

Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor, part II   (1:15:01)

(Presented March 24, 2012 at River Oak Grace Community Church in Oakdale, California.)

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