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I’ve uploaded three workshops I offered at the Compassionate Boldness Conference, in 2008, 2009, and 2011.  What they have in common is an attempt to think about Mormonism – and our witness to Latter-day Saints – in ways that take into account the cultural experience of Mormonism, not just its beliefs and teachings.

Several seminar and workshop lectures are now available under Audio Resources.

Responding to the Book of Mormon

This workshop will help you understand why Latter-day Saints revere the Book of Mormon, evaluate the claims made for the book, and develop a sensitive but confident response.

The Book of Mormon in LDS Experience

We can be more effective in our witness to Latter-day Saints by understanding the multi-faceted relationship Latter-day Saints have to the Book of Mormon, including its formative role in defining the identity and culture of Mormonism.

Sharing God’s Grand Story with Latter-day Saints

Mormon beliefs are defined by powerful sacred stories such as the Restoration and the Plan of Happiness.  The Bible itself presents a grand narrative: the good news story of God’s saving action on our behalf.  Perhaps a narrative approach to sharing our faith with Latter-day Saints might bear fruit.

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