New Training Resource for Pastors

In partnership with Loving Utah, a church plant network, Ross Anderson is leading a team to create an extensive training curriculum for pastors and church planters new to Utah. This much-needed training, called “Utah Ministry”, will also be helpful for church planting teams, as well as church leadership teams already in Utah.

The curriculum consists of around 100 short videos on a variety of useful ministry topics:

  • Western and Intermountain West Culture
  • LDS History
  • LDS Doctrine
  • LDS Culture
  • The LDS Experience
  • Contextual Outreach
  • Apologetics
  • Enfolding Former Mormons
  • Polygamy

Each topic comes with related resources for further study and questions for personal comprehension or group discussion. We have compiled a group of excellent contributors that represents decades of ministry experience in Utah’s unique religious and cultural setting.

The course will be available on Moodle, a major host of online curriculum. It can be taken individually at one’s own pace, but we recommend doing it in a group or cohort. Training cohorts meet for six months, with the first groups starting next March. Churches, denominations, and other agencies can form and lead their own cohorts as well.

Here’s a sample of what this ground-breaking curriculum project will include: Joseph Smith and the Doctrine of God.