Perspectives on Polygamy

Someone recently posted a link to a blog arguing for the practice of polygamy, and asked, “I thought the Bible condemned polygamy?” Check out my analysis of why Bible-believing Christians as a whole have always rejected polygamy. It starts like this:

            I saw a joke recently: “You know you might live in Utah if…you get a divorce and still have a wife.” As many as 60,000 people in Utah and the surrounding region live in a lifestyle of polygamy.  Although repudiated by the LDS Church, they see themselves as the true successors of Joseph Smith.  Smith introduced polygamy to his followers as a practice essential to eternal exaltation (see the Doctrine and Covenants, Section 132).  Based on this teaching, the Latter-day Saints practiced polygamy openly and officially until 1890.  The LDS Church now disavows plural marriage as a temporal practice (in spite of Section 132).  Yet it is still considered a valid and essential principle for life in heaven.

Many recent events have brought the subject of polygamy out of the closet and squarely into the public spotlight. Anti-polygamy activists point to the issues of incest, statutory rape and child abuse which are associated with polygamist communities in some cases.  But what about polygamy itself?  Is it wrong, from a biblical perspective, for a man to have multiple wives?  The Bible never directly condemns polygamy as a general practice.  In fact, some of the most prominent Old Testament characters had numerous wives, apparently without censure from God.

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