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Janis Hutchinson is a well-respected writer, author of the ground-breaking book Out of the Cults and Into the Church. Today on her web site (, she posted a very positive recommendation of my book Understanding the Book of Mormon.


Understanding the Book of Mormon: A Quick Christian Guide to the Mormon Holy Book by former Mormon, Ross Anderson (Zondervan 2009)

This is an excellent overview for those who prefer quick, but informative coverage of not only the Book of Mormon, but also the Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and Joseph Smith’s inspired version of the Bible. Especially commendable is Ross’s nonjudgmental and respectful presentation of the doctrinal differences between the Bible and Book of Mormon. Also, his section entitled, “Are Mormons Christian?” and “How Christians Can Talk With Mormons” call attention to the fact that when Christians approach a religious culture that is different than their own, it is imperative that, aside from knowledge of their doctrines, they comprehend the mindset of the members. Without this information, most evangelistic endeavors by Christians will fail. Ross does an excellent job in conveying this information.

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