Resources for dealing with family pressures

In the last couple of posts, I’ve been talking about how to maintain family relationships while transitioning out of Mormonism. I mentioned finding people who have been through the journey before you, who can help you navigate the family relationships (and other aspects of the journey).

Here are a couple of suggestions for on-line groups you might consider connecting with:

From Mormonism to Christianity (Facebook):

From Mormonism to Christianity (FMTC) is a group intended for members to support, encourage, love, and help each other with their transition from Mormonism to Christianity and to help them overcome the negative consequences resulting from leaving the LDS Church.

Only members can find the group or see the posts.

MIT – Mormons in Transition has an e-mail forum and a Facebook version.

Facebook edition of the popular Mormons In Transition support group for former Mormons and Mormons with serious questions about their LDS faith. Keep in touch, explore issues of faith and family, share stories, encouragements and off the cuff remarks about life in the transition lane.

Only members can see the posts.

Ex-Mormons Worldwide

Meet Ex-Mormons through our internet community of vibrant individuals from around the world. You can participate in our online discussions anywhere, anytime, and meet others who understand what you’re going through. We encourage all members to participate in our online discussions of topics by posting questions and comments on our Message Board.


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