Resourcing Ministry in South Africa

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with Roy Daniel, a preacher and evangelist from South Africa.  Roy has a vibrant ministry that involves public teaching, many forms of evangelism, and equipping others to share the good news of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.


Introduced to me by a mutual friend, Roy wanted to learn more about Mormonism and especially how to witness to Mormons in South Africa.  We had a very engaging conversation about the ways Mormon culture affects how Latter-day Saints hear and receive the gospel.  We talked about how Latter-day Saints are more convinced by experience than by reason, how they can be defensive about what they consider “anti-Mormon” materials, how they frame truth in narrative rather than systematic terms, and how they value stories and testimonies.  We discussed some methods that people use to witness to Latter-day Saints that are guaranteed to be ineffective and some that might be effective.  Roy has a number of very intelligent, creative ideas in the works, using a combination of print and internet materials, to help evangelists in his homeland be prepared for the wide variety of beliefs and world views they typically encounter in the diverse society of South Africa.  I hope to be able to collaborate with him in the future as he puts together his materials on Mormonism.  You can learn more about Roy and his work at

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