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Promising New Resource for Transitioning LDS

I’ve been assisting with a new resource that will help people make a healthy transition out of Mormonism into a traditi0nal Christian church.  It’s closely related to my doctoral research, which resulted in my study guide called “Jesus Without Joseph.”  I strongly recommend that you take a look at the completed modules and spread the word about this project.  Here is the recent announcement from John Morehead, the project’s manager:

We are pleased to announce that the video for modules 1-3 for Transitions: The Mormon Migration from Religion to Relationship, are complete and ready for viewing. You can view them on GodTube at these links:

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3

Please consider helping us with this project by doing the following:

First, pray for the completion of this project, and that it might be of help to many in transition out of Mormonism.

Second, please take a few moments to watch these segments and to share your feedback with us.

Third, please help us promote Transitions by passing this email to your Christian friends as well as your pastor, and posting a link or video clip on your Facebook page or through Twitter.

Fourth, we need another $10,000 to complete the editing of the final three modules and to begin marketing for this project. Please consider a gift as an individual, through your church missions committee, or through corporate giving. You can make a donation via Paypal, or by sending a check to the address below.

We appreciate your partnership that has help us complete these modules. We look forward to your continued investment in our ministry and the lives of others as we plan to complete Transitions by this summer.

Thankfully in Christ,

John W. Morehead
Western Institute for Intercultural Studies