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Reviews of “Understanding the Book of Mormon”

My book Understanding the Book of Mormon has been well received by the reading community, as represented by people who use the Goodreads site.  Reviews there average 4.13 out of 5 stars, with no negative reviews.  If you haven’t read it yet you can get Understanding the Book of Mormon in print version, e-book, or audio book.  Here are the comments people have left at the Goodreads site:

“I am very new to this topic and I thought that this book did a wonderful job of teaching the basics. It was written by an ex-Mormon who is still close to his Mormon family but he is also Pastor and is the perfect person I believe to write on this topic. He comes at it from not only head knowledge but a compassionate heart as well.”

“Fair and balanced, no bashing, gave me insight to the beliefs of my close friends and helps me understand them more.”

“This is a good, balanced introduction for someone who isn’t familiar with the Book of Mormon.”

“The author, a former Mormon, offers a temperate critique of the Book of Mormon, and he doesn’t use straw man techniques. In fact, he submitted the most controversial material to active LDS members (including friends and family) for review and critique. He gently points out the flaws of the Book of Mormon.”

“This is a fantastic book! So greatful there is a generous and kind book that helps christians gain perspective on this other religion.”