The Mormon Mirage

Zondervan, who published by book Understanding the Book of Mormon in April of this year, also released another book on Mormonism this spring.  The Mormon Mirage, by Latayne Scott, is an excellent resource for understanding contemporary Mormonism.

One of the critiques of evangelical books on Mormonism is that they respond largely to outdated issues in the LDS world.  In The Mormon Mirage, Latayne shows a great familiarity with the issues that define Mormonism in the 21st century.  She is up to date on all the latest debates and evidence on the key issues.

Another critique of some of the books in print about Mormonism is that convey a derogatory tone.   Latayne’s book, on the other hand, is suffused with compassion.  Unlike some writers, she is able to appreciate the good elements within Mormonism – based on her own positive experience as a Latter-day Saint.  Sometimes when former Latter-day Saints write about Mormonism, their anger and bitterness comes through.  Not so with Latayne.

The best part of the book, in my opinion, is its analysis of current and future trends in Mormonism.  The author gives an insightful look at where Mormon life is heading, and helps the reader to know how to respond to contemporary changes.

If you want to buy one single book on Mormonism this year, please buy mine!  But if you want two, go get The Mormon Mirage as well.

3 thoughts on “The Mormon Mirage

  1. Ross, brother, thank you for your kind review.

    I noticed in your book, Ross, a wonderful tone of gentleness. I commend you for the kindness of your book.

    Yours and HIs,
    Latayne C Scott

  2. Thank you Ross for your writing and practical insight to mormonism today. I just bought your book today, and am almost finished with it already. I have been married to a mormon for almost 15 years (which is a long story in and of itself). This is the first book I have read that is not written in attacking style and deals with current mormonism.

    I plan to also purchase Latayne’s book and look forward to reading that as well.

  3. Thomas, thank you for your kind review. I’m glad the book achieved its goals and has been so helpful to you!

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