Theological Training in Utah

For years I’ve been interested in theological training that equips people for ministry in Utah’s unique cultural setting.  That’s why I’m excited about a new opportunity coming to Utah.  Church Birthing Matrix is a strategy for planting churches.  But I’m particularly encouraged about one aspect of that strategy.  They are creating a training process to give individuals a theological and practical foundation for ministry right where they live.  The process will involve gathering cohorts throughout Utah (and the USA) for webinar training using highly qualified trainers.  The cohort will meet every Tuesday night and one Saturday each month.  (Some students might attend Tuesdays OR Saturdays as schedule allows.)  The entire training would take two school years to complete for someone enrolled in both Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Each cohort will be led by a local trainer, a mentor / coach who will help cohort members apply the training in their own ministry settings.  To me, this is an advantage to this approach versus online programs.  The cohort will learn in the context of relationships and will have a personal trainer who is experienced in local ministry.  I will be leading a cohort in northern Utah. (We’ll be meeting in Layton).

This training is geared for laypersons exploring a transition into vocational ministry, whether as church planters or any ministry role.  It is also ideal for those who have started in ministry but have not been able, because of job or family commitments or costs, to enroll in traditional theological education.  The program is not accredited at this point, because the emphasis is on actual preparation for ministry rather than meeting institutional requirements.  The cost of this group will be very accessible.  (I can’t say what it will be yet, but it may be in the range of $50 / month.)

Right now I’m recruiting participants for a Fall 2013 cohort.  An online registration process is being set up and should be ready within a couple of weeks.  To learn more about this training opportunity, go to  Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested or have particulat questions:

One other thing: if we have a qualified trainer and enough interested parties, we can form a cohort in other communities as well.  If you’re interested in doing this in Cache Valley, St. George, etc. please let me know.

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