“Transitions” Curriculum Now Available

Western Institute for Intercultural Studies has just released the completed version of Transitions: The Mormon Migration from Religion to Relationships, a multimedia resource including six video sessions on DVD along with a participant workbook.  This resource is designed to help former Latter-day Saints navigate the journey from their former religious culture into a healthy new relationship with Jesus in a local Christian church.

The Transitions material tracks closely with my Doctor of Ministry research about following Jesus after leaving Mormonism.  I appear in the DVDs and helped to write the workbook.  I’m hopeful that this resource will be a great encouragement to former Mormons.  It will also help the members of Christian churches to understand what their ex-LDS friends and co-parishioners are going through.

Section 1: Migration covers issues of finding a new individual and collective identity, dealing with relationships, and sorting out a new church culture.

Section 2: Doctrine and Worldview Issues presents traditional Christian doctrine and worldview framed in an understandable way for someone coming out of Mormonism.

Transitions can be used in a variety of settings, from an individual, group of friends or family meeting in a home, to small group meetings in local churches.

The first three of six modules were released to the public earlier this year, and can be viewed HERE.

The complete materials are available at the Transitions Store.  They are very reasonably priced, to encourage wide usage.

I encourage churches to attend a Transitions Training to become acquainted with how to use the materials.  The next training event is on Saturday, September 17.  Find out more HERE.

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