Michael & Lynn Wilder – Unveiling Grace

For 30 years, Michael and Lynn Wilder lived, loved, and promoted the LDS Church. They Wilder promo photoheld temple recommends and served in many leadership positions. Their four children were all active in the Church, with their three sons serving missions in Russia, Denmark, and Florida.

In 1999 the Wilders moved to Utah when Lynn was offered a prestigious position on the faculty at BYU. Then, in 2006, everything changed.

Come hear their gripping story about the events that led them to disengage from Mormonism to pursue a living relationship with Jesus – as recounted in the book Unveiling Grace.

Friday, October 3 @ 6:30 p.m.                                  Sunday, October 5 @ 6:00 p.m. Alpine Church, Layton Campus                                             Alpine Church, West Haven Campus   254 W 2675 N, Layton                                                4433 S 3100 W, Roy         

What impresses me about the Wilders is how gracious and kind they are. They have no anger or bitterness toward Mormonism. Their approach is winsome and positive. They are promoting a deeply personal relationship with Jesus and experience of God’s grace. Their story is suffused with God’s living presence and activity.

3D_unveilinggrace_SmallTo learn more, see my review of the book Unveiling Grace.  

Also, check out www.unveilinggracethebook.com and http://unveilingmormonism.com/.

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