Upcoming Appearances

I will be appearing at the Christian Life Center in Layton, Utah, on Sunday, May 10.  Pastor Myke Crowder has endorsed my book enthusiastically, and invited me to sell the book in the lobby after both morning services.  While the book will be available after both services, I will be able to sign copies of the book after the second service only (about 12:25 p.m.).  

On Thursday, May 14, I will be a guest on the TV program called “Polygamy: What Love Is This?” which airs at 8:00 p.m. on TV 20 in Salt Lake City.  This is a weekly, live call-in show exploring topics related to the practice of polygamy among Mormon splinter groups.  The host, Doris Hansen, director of A Shield and Refuge Ministries, grew up in a polygamist community. Our topic that night will be the reliability of the Bible, an issue polygamists call into question.  The show can also be viewed on-line at www.aboutpolygamy.com.

I will speak at the Compassionate Boldness Conference, which is held in Salt Lake City on May 29-30.  See www.compassionateboldness.com.  My topic is:“’Likening the Scriptures to Our Lives’: The Book of Mormon in LDS Experience”.  A lot has been written to refute the claims of the Book of Mormon.  I will explore in a somewhat different direction: the use of the Book of Mormon in LDS experience.  To share the grace of God with LDS friends and relatives, we need to go beyond merely debating about who is right and who is wrong.  While dialog about comparative truth claims is important, we also need to understand the people we are communicating with.  My goal is to learn how the Book of Mormon shapes LDS experience and identity, and what the book means to the lives and values of Latter-day Saints.

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