Utah Church Multiplication Summit

On Thursday, nearly 40 church planting leaders will gather in Salt Lake City for the Utah Church Multiplication Summit.  They represent almost 20  different agencies, each with an interest in promoting the multiplication of healthy congregations in Utah.  Represented are some traditional demoninations like the Evangelical Free Church and the Foursquare, some church planting networks like Acts 29 and the Christian Evangelistic Association, several local churches with a reproducing mindset, like South Mountain Community Church and The Rock Church, and some local independent ministries like Alatheia Ministries and the Western Institute for Intercultural Studies.

In the morning, participants will share who they are, their strengths as a movement, their vision and strategy for Utah, and what their greatest obstacles are.  Following lunch, time will be spent discussing what methods and strategies are working – not only “best practices” but also what the Holy Spirit seems to be generating and blessing.  We will conclude with a time of prayer for each other and the state of Utah.

I have taken the lead in planning and promoting this event, so its exciting to see it come to fruition with so much potential.  Please pray for the relationships and vision birthed out of this event.  Our biggest challenge will be how limited the time is.  I am also very  thankful to my event co-sponsors, Mike Menning of Pastor to Pastors and David Nelson of K-2 the Church.

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