Working with Church Planters

I got a phone call one day from a young man who was interested in planting a church in Ogden, Utah.  He had heard of my ministry and wanted to explore how I could help him.  This illustrates one aspect of my ministry at Utah Advance.  We spent some time talking about what model of church he wanted to plant, who his partners might be, what the time line of a plant might constitute.  I told him what kind of training his team needed, how a formal assessment would help him, and what resources he should look into.  I offered to supply some of the assessment, training, and coaching.  I then sent him some extensive self- assessment materials.  I don’t know whether this young man will end up planting a church or not, and if so, whether he will ask for further help from me.  If he does, I will be available.
I also had opportunity to consult with another planter who is moving to Salt Lake City this summer.  I met with him and a group of leaders from his movement to share some ideas about ministry in Utah’s unique culture.  In particular, he wanted to know more about the communities of Utah, as he considered what part of the state God might be leading him to locate in.
I’m also in a regular coaching relationship with a planter who is developing a new congregation in a suburb west of Salt Lake City.  He is preparing for a public launch at the end of the summer.  He and I talk about how to develop leadership, how to reach out to the community, and practical issues like preaching skills and where the congregation will meet.  This relationship will continue until well after the launch, until the new church is sufficiently established.

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